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E-Statement Enrollment

E-Statement Enrollment

Enroll in e-statements

When you switch to e-Statements, you’ll get a secure, convenient and environmentally friendly way to access your monthly statements.

  • You will receive an e-mail notification the day your statement is available.
  • Access your last 18 months of account statements and check images by logging on to Online Banking.
  • View your statements 24-hours a day from anywhere with internet access.
  • Download and save your statements to view whenever it is convenient for you.

Safer Than Paper
An e-Statement can’t be stolen from your mailbox, delivered to the wrong house, or taken from your trash. 

Good for Earth. Good for You.
When you sign up for e-Statements, you’re extending the life of our natural resources. Plus they are a free way to help you manage your checking and savings statements faster and easier. Now that's green.

By submitting this form, I and all joint owners on the account agree to receiving E-Statements instead of Paper Statements.